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Trailering Accessories - Ramps, tie downs, locks etc...

Second wind IH tire inflator

This inflator comes with a 12 gram bib threaded cylinder. Uses both threaded or non threaded cartridges. This inflator is also a mini manual type when you run out of cartridges.
GI2520.Second Wind Tire Inflator.

Midget Grease Gun Kit

The ideal tool for the do-it-yourselfer. Includes one midget gun and one 3 oz cartridge of mukti-purpose grease. Two way loading coupler has ball check to prevent Leakage.
1727.Midget Grease Gun.
Midget Grease Gun Kit
LB11825.12" Flexible Hose for use with midget grease gun.
Midget Grease Gun Kit
1728.General purpose, long lasting hi performance grease, comes in 4 pack.

Cable Lubrication

Lube is an exclusive formula developed to provide the smoothest operation and longest cable life. Ideal for use with cable luber #678182. Depending on riding conditions, it is recomended to lube your cables between every ride or every other ride. The cable Luber #678182 is used to inject lube into cable housing. Clamps over housing and wire, and allows an aerosol can to be connected. Once lube rins out far end, the cable is lubricated.
670001.Cable Lube.
Cable Lubrication
678182.Cable Luber.

Carbon & Gasket Scraper

W234.Carbon & Gasket Scraper.

Spark Plug Hole Thread Chasers

Quickly and easily cleans dirt, carbon & metal particles from spark plug hole.
W80537.14mm Spark Plug Hole Thread Chaser
Spark Plug Hole Thread Chasers
W80539.14mm & 18mm Spark Plug Hole Thread Chaser

Swivel Inspection Mirror

2" round mirror with multi-direction swivel for visual access to confined areas. Chrome plated corrosion resistant shaft extends from 11-1/2" to 18". Vinyl grip.
W1262.Swivel inspection mirror.

Miscellaneous Tools

9029.Key Puller.
Miscellaneous Tools
678122.Ignition System Tester.
Miscellaneous Tools
678065.Spring Hook.

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